The best rainy day activities in #MyHinton

Rainy days come for everyone – even in Hinton, where we often have a sunny climate. If the rain makes you want to spend the day wrapped up under the covers, read on for ways to make the most of the drizzly weather – there’s lots of fun to be had right here in town!

Get your climb on

Kickstart your rainy day with a heart-pumping, fun and challenging workout. Head to the valley to the Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre to check out one of Hinton’s greatest indoor recreation opportunities – our bouldering wall! This climbing wall stands 12 feet tall and encompasses three walls of a converted court. Test your strength and gain some new skills in a safe and dry environment, and be sure to try the treadwall, a wall that moves, giving you a full body workout as you climb on a 12 degree angle. 

For information on hours and rules for the bouldering wall, visit the Town of Hinton website.

Visit another time or place

Stories have a way of transporting us from our (wet, gloomy) reality to somewhere entirely different. They put us in another person’s shoes, help shift our perspective and ignite our imagination. The Hinton Municipal Library is jam-packed with stories that will do just that! Conveniently located in the valley just around the corner from the Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre, the library offers books, audiobooks, magazines and DVDs on loan. Find a corner to sit in and enjoy an hour or two of a great story, or borrow a book or movie to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 

Did you know the library also has board games available for use in the library? Bring some friends and escape the rain with a round of Monopoly, Scrabble, and more!

Play with clay

Is there anything more mesmerising than watching someone turn a clump of clay into a beautiful bowl, mug or pot? If you’re curious about how it’s done or are longing to try it yourself, stop by the Athabasca River Potters Guild. Chat with local artists as they work on their craft, and learn more about how you can become a part of this community. The guild offers classes for both youth and adults. Once you have some skills under your belts, memberships are available for the guild giving you access to the building and equipment, and a whole year’s worth of rainy day fun. 

Experience the trails differently.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t let the weather get in the way of your time outside (or if you’re starting to experience a little mid-day or mid-week cabin fever), grab your raincoat and waterproof boots and head out to your favourite trail. 

There’s something magical about experiencing a familiar trail in the rain. The colours are more vibrant, the leaves hang differently on the trees, and the air smells amazing. You may even have the entire trail to yourself! If you’re looking for inspiration on rainy day places to explore, try the Beaver Boardwalk or the Joachim Valley Trail – there’s even a hut at the end to warm up in! 

Author: explorehinton