Mary Reimer Park in Hinton

Mary Reimer Park

Mary Reimer is a multi-faceted space with facilities including rodeo grounds, a fenced in off-leash dog park, baseball diamonds, playground, soccer fields, and numerous trails and paths.

Athabasca Riverfront Park

Located in the Valley District, the Athabasca Riverfront park started as a pilot project in 2015. With access to the Athabasca River, beautiful views, walking trails, and a picnic and open field space, this newer park has become an emerging place to visit in Hinton.

Rotary Spray and Play Park

The Rotary Spray and Play Park is located adjacent to the Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre and is unique in design by providing barrier free access to both the wet and dry play areas. The Park is a great outdoor space for families.

Natural Resources Interpretive Park

A hidden gem tucked in beside the local Canadian Tire and stretch of hotels off Hwy 16 is the Natural Resources Interpretive Park. An accessible paved walking path and accompanying trail provide exhibits on forestry and mine reclamation. The Interpretive trails also have a picnic area, playground, lookout tower and mining vehicle.

Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre

As the main indoor recreation facility in Hinton, the Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre has two hockey areas, an indoor pool, and three indoor courts where you can do activities like basketball, racquetball, squash, and bouldering.

Other Municipal Parks

Hinton is also home to over a dozen other smaller parks and playgrounds which can be a perfect spot for families to enjoy some activities and time outside.