How to spend an amazing fall day in #MyHinton

With crisp, sunny mornings, rows upon rows of yellow-leafed trees against the Rocky Mountains and a changing landscape to get out and experience, there’s no doubt that fall is one of the most charming seasons in Hinton – some even say it’s their favourite season of all. Don’t let the shortening days get you down – there’s lots to get excited about in Hinton when fall comes around! We’re sharing our top tips to help you make the most out of this gorgeous season.

Dress the part

The key to a great day during the fall? The right clothes. Temperatures in Hinton during autumn can vary greatly, sometimes hovering around freezing for part of the day before soaring into the low 20s. Layers are your friend during this season. Find your next favourite cozy scarf, trendy hat or fall jacket at one of the local boutiques. For a day on the trails or the lake, drop by one of our outdoor outfitters for the technical clothing you need to feel just right all day long. 

Take a back road

Venture just outside of Hinton in any direction and you’ll be delighted to find a network of roads that will give you a first class ticket to the beautiful fall colours, as well as an opportunity to see some wildlife, and maybe even a glimpse into the area’s past. Pop your favourite playlist on your phone or seek out some music by local artists as you cruise around beneath the mountains. 

Comfort food

Is there anything better when it starts to get cool outside than coming into a warm restaurant with friendly service and pulling up to a nice, warm, hearty meal? Indulge your craving for soups, stews, pasta and more this time of year – our restaurateurs are excited to serve you!

Go fly a kite

Fall is a season of simple pleasures. Hinton experiences some pretty blustery days at this time of year making it a great season to get out with your friends and family to fly kites! This is a local tradition that is as much fun for adults as it is for kids. Choose a kite at one of our local retailers and head out to the closest field (we recommend Mary Reimer Park or Green Square) for some big smiles all around.

Hit the water

If you love the colours of fall, treat yourself to some time on the lake, where you can see the reflection of the changing leaves glistening on the water. Bring your lifejacket, rent a kayak, and paddle out onto one of the lakes in William A. Switzer Provincial Park for an autumn experience you won’t soon forget! We recommend an early morning paddle for the most calm, quiet water and the best reflections.

Capture your memories

The bright colours, cozy clothes and rosy cheeks that come with fall make extra special photos. Hire a local photographer to capture the memories you make here in Hinton with family and friends – professional photos of your time together are some of the best souvenirs around! If you capture your own memories during your trip, Hinton’s local framing shop can help you print and preserve your images for life. 

Author: explorehinton