Hinton Ice Ice Baby

The next time you plan a trip to Hinton, be sure to pack your ice skates. Hinton is host to 8 accessible places to carve up the ice, feel the cold on your face, and enjoy some fresh air.

Hinton Golf Course Rink

Hinton Golf Course – The Hinton Golf Course 18th hole pond transforms every winter into one a rink with one of the best views in town, fully lit and such a treat. It can be a bit windy at this location, so be sure to bundle up and bring everything you need to stay warm.

Erith Park Rink

Erith Park – This location is host to not one but two rinks, one that is fully boarded in for a great game of shinny, and a smaller little area perfect for the beginner. Erith Park has a large field and playground so even if you have family members that are not interested in lacing up their skated there is plenty to do. There is a public bathroom at this location.

Maxwell Lake

Maxwell Lake – Community created and maintained, nestled into one of our cherished locations in town, this rink was originally created be Hans and Netty Van Klaveren, they put their hearts into creating a loop to share their love of speed skating with the community.* It quickly grew to be a well loved location to spend time in the winter months for locals and tourist alike. Located within the Happy Creek Trail System, there is so much to explore while spending time here. There are bathrooms located near the lake as well as the entrance to the Beaver Boardwalk so you can happily bring a meal and some hot beverages from a local business to enjoy.

*Please note this location is kept up by locals so if it need clearing feel free to bring a shovel and be part of keeping the magic of this loop alive.

The Pond at Eaton – This little pond is hidden away within the Eaton Sub Division, tucked into the woods, cat tails growing through the ice, and cleared by locals within the area its a very cute little pond to lace up and spend time on.

Dr.Duncan Murray Recreation Center

Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Center – Our local area hosts 2 arenas, with public skating throughout the winter season. If you looking for a way to get out on the ice but away from the elements, while being able to explore the additional assets of the arena this maybe the place for you. Your daily admission gains access to the pool, climbing wall, and racquetball courts, as well as access to the Hinton Public Library.

The Pretzel– This location offers a unique experience, Hinton’s local campground is flooded, leaving a continuous loop to skate through the trees.

Rotary Park – Tucked away from the wind this location is right along the Hardisty Creek and Rotary playground. It provides shelter from the wind, and it great for beginners.

Thompson Place – Locally made by a community resident.

Brule, Alberta – Located outside of Hinton a 20 minute drive will bring you to the cute community of Brule. This rink is fully boarded and is perfect for a game of shinney. Across the road is a park including a woodstove and shelter to warm up in between games. Brule is surrounded by the mountains, and historical areas to explore while spending time here.

Author: explorehinton