Hinton and the surrounding Alberta Northern Rockies are a trail lover’s paradise. There are thousands of kilometres of trails that cross through the Rocky Mountains and foothills of the region.

With hikes ranging from short walks to remote back-country week long adventures there is sure to be a hike suitable for every type of adventurer. We’ve highlighted some of the most popular hikes in the area close to Hinton on this page. Check out the Alberta Northern Rockies Page for hiking information relative to those specific areas.

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Hikes you can’t miss in Hinton and the surrounding area

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Happy Creek Trail System | Easy to Moderate Difficulty

The Happy Creek Trail System has over 30 km of connected named trails ranging from as short as 0.5 km to 5.7 km. With multiple trailheads accessed from near the Beaver Boardwalk, the trail system immediately gives the feeling of back country hiking and is great for locals and visitors looking for trails right in the community.

Beaver Boardwalk | Easy

More than 3 kilometres of wooden boardwalk, seating areas, and interpretive signs. Main access to the Beaver Boardwalk is found off the Maxwell Lake apartments at the top of Collinge Road. This is a heavily trafficked area and home to many species of plants and animals.

Mount Solomon | Moderate to Hard Difficulty

Mount Solomon is a 10.3 km trail located just west of Hinton. With 608 m gained on this trail, the summit gives excellent views of Brule Lake and nearby Roche Miette. The trailhead can be accessed from the Black Cat Ranch.

Athabasca Lookout | Moderate to Hard Difficulty

For those looking for a shorter hike with spectacular views, look no further than the Athabasca Lookout. This 1 km hike uphill ends with a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains and surrounding foothills. The trail can be accessed from the parking lot at the far end of Hinton Nordic Centre road. Those looking for a connector trail can walk the ridge north of the lookout and descend into the Joachim Valley, eventually meeting up with the Jarvis Lake campground.

Folding Mountain | Moderate to Hard Difficulty

This 16 km trail is a gem right outside of Hinton. The trail can be accessed from just west of the Jasper East Cabins and is marked by a yellow trail-head sign. This trail is very steep for the first few km’s before flattening out. As you approach the summit, the trail gets steep again and can require a bit of a scramble to get to the top. Don’t forget to take a selfie at the summit and visit the Folding Mountain Brewery after your adventure for some great food and drinks.

Sulphur Skyline | Moderate to Hard

The Sulphur Skyline trail is a heavily trafficked 8 km out-and-back seasonal trail found at the Miette Hot Springs. The trailhead of Sulphur Skyline is easy to find. The trail starts at the southeast end of the Miette Hot Springs parking lot. You’ll gain almost 700m of elevation on this hike so take lots of breaks, and be prepared for fantastic summit views. After the hike, enjoy a relaxing break in the Hot Springs pool.

Cardinal Divide | Easy to Moderate

After a scenic journey down Highway 40 south, and Grave Flats Road (be wary of road conditions once you hit the gravel) you can take in spectacular views at the Cardinal Divide Viewpoint. From the viewpoint there are two trails – Cardinal Divide East and Cardinal Divide West which start from the parking area. The West trail is easy and accessible for all ages for the first few km before the ridge begins to climb steeply. The East trail has a moderate hike for about 1.5 km before hitting the ridge where you will be treated to a spectacular 360 degree view. You can continue another 2.5 km along the ridge to its highest point, and then return the same way.

Wild Sculpture Trail | Easy to Moderate

13.7km out and back trail right above the beautiful hoodoos, located near km 59 on the Emerson Creek Road.

Overlander Trail | Moderate

7.4km poplar out and back trail for both hiking and cross country skiing! The trailhead can be located at the overlander mountain lodge.

Folding Mountain

14.8km out and back trail with a free reward of beer from the brewery after reaching the peak!

Bighorn Trail

13.4km an in and out trail with some incredible views from the top peaks. You will find this trail head appx. 500m off of range road 251A on the left hand side.

Kelly’s Bathtub & Jarvis Lake Loop | Easy to Moderate

3.7km loop around Kelly’s bathtub and the backside of Jarvis. The trailhead can be located at Kelly’s bathtub.

Canyon Creek Traik | Easy to Moderate

This 4.2km loop will take you along a beautiful canyon and to the face of the athabasca river. The trailhead can be located near km 18 on the Emerson Creek Road.

Wildhorse & Kinky Lake Loop | Easy

Two beautiful loops around neighbouring lakes both 1.9km in distance.

Ogre Canyon | Moderate

Ogre Canyon is a 10.3km hike with an elevation gain of 608m. A beautiful in and out trail to a canyon. The trailehead can be located at the very end of the Brule road.

Joachim | Easy

Joachim Valley is a 7.4 km easy flat trail hike with only a 168m elevation gain. The trailhead can be located directly across from the Jarvis Lake Campground.