Hinton is conveniently located in the foothills at the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Because of this, weather and road conditions can change quickly. Here are a few resources to check out before you come visit.

Emergencies: In case of an emergency it’s always best to dial 911.

Road Reports: Road conditions in the area can rapidly change so it’s a good idea to always check an updated road report before heading on your journey. Alberta 511 is a great resource on any advisories, news and road closures that may be relevant to your trip.

Weather: Hinton has a four season climate. The best time of the year for outdoor activities like hiking and water sports tends to be late May to early October. Summers can range from hot and dry to mild and wet so it’s good to pack for all weather conditions especially if you are planning any adventures at nearby higher elevations where there can be snow all year round. Snowfall tends to stay on the ground at lower elevations between late October and April and there are a variety of winter activities available to do in the area.


How far away is Jasper? Could I visit both Hinton and Jasper in the same day?

Hinton is about 80 km east of the Jasper town site and 15 minutes east of the park gate. This means that your drive to Jasper from Hinton will likely be around an hour, but you’ll need to have a park pass to get through the gates into Jasper National Park.

There is plenty to do in both Hinton and Jasper, but many locals and visitors are able to enjoy parts of both in the same day. It’s not unreasonable to grab lunch in Jasper, spend a day on the trails in Hinton or near Jasper, and end your day at Folding Mountain Brewery.

What kind of wildlife can be found in the area?

There is plenty of wildlife out here, which means you need to be cautious. The region is home to many animals including Bears (Grizzly and Black), Cougars, Lynx, Deer, Elk, Moose, Beavers, Bighorn Sheep, Birds, and many other species. Give them space.

If you plan on getting deep into the trails, make sure someone else knows where you are, and that you have what you need to be prepared. That means wearing the right footwear, bringing bear spray, and packing your sunscreen and water!

The photos on your site and social media are amazing! Who took them?

Many of the photos were supplied by the Hinton and District Chamber of Commerce, Town of Hinton, Alberta Parks, and Scott Sunderwald. Many establishments and businesses also generously provided us with visual content. If you would like to use any of the photos please connect with us and we would be happy to help you connect with these parties to request permission to do so.

I’ve heard that I can’t miss out on visiting the Beaver Boardwalk. How do I get there?

You really can’t miss out on visiting the Beaver Boardwalk! It’s truly spectacular, and only minutes away from Green Square.

The Beaver Boardwalk is located at 408 Collinge Rd, Hinton, AB. The easiest way to reach it from HWY 16 is to turn onto Mountain Street off the highway and follow the road up the hill. Take the 2nd right turn onto Collinge Road until you see signage and parking for the Boardwalk.

Can I buy a Park Pass for Jasper National Park at the Visitor Centre? Are there other passes I should consider getting?

Yes, at the Visitor Centre we sell a variety of items including Annual and Daily National Park Passes, National Parks Fishing Licenses and nearby Miette Hot Springs Passes.

Where is the Hinton Valley? There seem to be a lot of businesses and parks to visit.

The Hinton Valley can be easy to miss when driving into town from Hwy16. When driving in from east of Hinton, you’ll take a right turn at Drinnan Way, which is one of the first opportunities to turn after the Welcome to Hinton sign.

You can also get to the valley by taking Switzer drive! (Because the valley is in the east side of town, that’s what direction you’ll want to head!).