Amazing Ways to Enjoy Valentines Day in Hinton

Hinton has plenty of affordable ways to spend time with your loved one, with lots of outdoor activities, specialty businesses that provide unique and one of a kind gifts and experiences it’s bound to be a Valentines you won’t soon forget.

If your not into being outside in the cold and your looking for a way to stay warm, try out the climbing wall at the Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre. For couples it can be a great way to put trust in your partner. Plus you can hit up the sauna and hot tub afterwards.

Hinton Nordic Center

The Hinton Nordic Center is abundant with trails, cabins, and beautiful scenery. The tracks are always freshly set waiting for you to gear up and head out exploring. Spending time here can be an all day experience, with loads of firewood to keep the cabins warm, grab a grazing box from Mountain Grazing Co. and bring it along for the perfect ski date.

Mountain Grazing Co. Hinton, Alberta
Hinton Alberta Photographer

A great date night can be spent out at Folding Mountain Brewing, with an amazing atmosphere and selection of in house made beers it’s a place you don’t want to leave.

Just Bee Cause, Hinton Alberta

If you are looking for the perfect floral arrangement or unique gift Just Bee Cause is home stunning floral arrangements, plants and some gifts to choose from.

High Functional Fitness, Hinton Alberta

If your looking for a way to push one another and come away feeling a lot stronger hit up a class at Hinton Functional Fitness. Then head to Self Care Anywhere for a float to relax and unwind.

Self Care Anywhere, Hinton Alberta
King Drug Pharmacy and Soda Shoppe, Hinton Alberta

If you are looking for a unique date idea, The King Drug Soda Shoppe will bring you back in time it it’s nostalgic space, they have a huge selection of games to play, as well as snacks, and sweets to enjoy while you play.

Movies at The Guild

The Path is home to a small and intimate theater that plays the newest releases, as well as independent films. It also hosts local performances, it could make the perfect date night. Be sure to check their website here to see events, and here for the upcoming movies.

If you are looking for a fun and challenging way to spend part of your day book in at Air Play to solve a series of clue to escape from their first Escape Room. It takes place in 1925 and prohibition is in full swing. You and your team of investigators we be leading the charge against illegal liquor sales. Your mission is to identify and bring down the boss of the operation. You must identify the boss and simultaneously diffuse the bomb in order to ‘escape’ the room.

Check out these great Valentine’s Day offers from a selection of local businesses!

Author: explorehinton