Beaver Boardwalk Hinton

3 Day Adventure Experience in the Hinton Area

Our team spent a couple days touring around the Hinton area. We’ve found some spectacular sights and experiences that we would love to share with you! Prepare yourself for some exciting travel itinerary ideas that you can take advantage of this summer season!

Day 1

On our first day adventuring in the Hinton area we visited the Cadomin Coal Mine. Which is about a 40 minute drive down Highway 40 South. It was a jaw dropping scene; truly a once in a lifetime experience that gave us the of feeling traveling back in time to the Alberta Coal Mines heyday. We went through a tunnel and the view went from entirely green and plush forest through a tunnel to an immediate sight of the blackest hillside I’ve ever witnessed.

On our way back we stopped at Gregg Falls, which is just off the side of the Highway. Many people cliff jump into the river; although the drop isn’t far the water is deep. Parking is not very well marked, so it’s definitely a hidden Hinton gem. You can purchase a postcard from our experience at the falls at the Explore Hinton Visitor’s Information Centre!


We then visited the historical Gregg Cabin off the highway down a long gravel road. On our adventures down Highway 40 South we saw many elk, deer, bighorn sheep and even the tail end of a moose! The wildlife sightings along Highway 40 South are much more common than its Northern counterpart, as it is less frequently travelled.

We spent our afternoon venturing up Highway 40 North, first renting kayaks from Switzer Park Watersport Rentals on Gregg Lake. Calling back and forth to the loons across the lake and with the warm sun on our backs we paddled to the islands on this incredibly shallow lake. On the way back we stopped at Kelly’s Bathtub for a short walk and a swim. There is even a small beach area for families to enjoy with incredibly scenic views of the lake inlet.

For dinner we visited Folding Mountain Brewery, where we sat down to an absolutely scrumptious meal and a cold brew. After a full day of adventuring, returning to the Rocky Mountain View Bed and Breakfast, we lounged outside around the fire on a set of vivid red chairs watching the sunset over the horizon. 

Day 2

The Rocky Mountain View Bed and Breakfast was an amazing stay! The view from breakfast on our deck was spectacular; situated right on the side of the mountain, we could see an amazing mountainous skyline for miles in the distance.

Next, we decided to rent a set of discs from the Explore Hinton Visitor’s Information Centre to play a round of Disc Golf. This is a unique experience in the community. It’s a great way to burn off some excess energy. People of all ages can enjoy this adventure in the midst of a forested Hinton hillside.

Afterwards we ventured across the road for a nice walk along the Beaver Boardwalk and Happy Creek Trails to visit the beaver who lives there. Beavers are most active around sunrise and sunset, so if you want a chance to sight one of these iconic Canadian species that’s the best time to take this adventure. Hinton’s very own Beaver Boardwalk is the longest freshwater boardwalk in the Canada and is a spectacular adventure.

We enjoyed a nice lunch and coffee at The Old Grind at the Green Square before exploring around the shops. We stopped in to return our disks at the Visitor’s Information Centre and purchased a postcard to write back home to our families about our amazing experience.

At the Visitor Centre we heard about the Northern Rockies Museum of Culture and Heritage and decided to spend our afternoon there. We learned about some of the fascinating history of the railway system of the Hinton area. We even got to study an interesting timeline detailing events from time immemorial to present day. This is a great experience for families with young children, there is an incredibly realistic toy train that travels over small bridges and tunnels.

After the Museum we ventured down to the Hinton Valley District for dinner at Rojo Marron. This Mexican restaurant had imported Jarrito’s soda and excellent coffee. Around the corner we saw the five pin bowling alley and spent our evening at the Underground Bowling and Rec Room before returning exhausted back to our room at the Rocky Mountainview Bed and Breakfast.

Day 3

The next day we booked a morning tour with Remote Helicopters. What a spectacular experience that was! As a first time helicopter rider it was an exhilarating experience. We started out at the Jasper-Hinton Airport and spent 20 magnificent minutes flying over Folding Mountain and the Athabasca river valley. It was an experience like no other to view the miraculous mountain ranges and abundance of natural lakes from above. A once in a lifetime experience that was definitely worthwhile!

Afterwards, we drove up the long windy mountainous road to Miette Hot Springs. Soaked in the hot water heated naturally from the mountain springs. The spectacular scenic views from the outdoor pools in the midst of the mountains was a beautiful sight that I will never forget. We even took a walk to visit the ruins of the old pools, which was really neat to see the history of the iconic Miette Hot Springs.

We have felt indescribable joy to be fortunate enough to have many fantastic adventures here in Hinton. It has been such a unique and wonderful experience to enjoy the culture, history, landscape and attractions here. We will always remember our days touring in the Hinton area with reverence and elation in the years to come.

-Maggie S.

Author: explorehinton